Butler Nissan of Macon Recognized as Eco-Friendly Dealership


It seems there’s a universal push as of late for businesses and individuals to make the effort to go green, and Butler Nissan of Macon is no exception. We have made it our mission to reduce our carbon footprint as much as we can, and we’re proud to announce that we’ve recently been recognized as an eco-friendly dealership! Specifically, our dealership utilizes solar panels to use less electricity, and we also sell an array of fuel-efficient Nissan models. Learn more about our commitment and current efforts to conserve energy, what we plan to do in the future, and much more!

What We’re Doingnissan front grill logo

At Nissan Butler of Macon, we have 65 high-lumen LED light fixtures arranged our 8-acre site to generate light for our dealership from solar energy. These fixtures provide about 30% more light than an average lamp at dealerships sized similarly to ours, and they use about half of the power conventional lighting would require, according to Tray Jarrard, CEO of Renewvia Energy Corp. in Atlanta. That’s because most of the power we produce comes from a Renewvia-designed, 100-kilowatt solar array on our dealership’s rooftop.

How It Happened

Butler Auto Group brought the Nissan namesake into the fold in 2014, and leaders decided to build a larger Nissan dealership than the one they originally acquired, along with a collision center. The new facility would serve as an arena to test out solar and LED technology.

The Benefits

Of course, using less energy compelled Marsh Butler, co-president of Butler Auto Group, to seriously consider solar and LED technology for lighting at Butler Nissan of Macon. Beyond that, though, tax incentives and controlling costs piqued his interest even further. For example, the dealership reaps the benefits of the federalNissan Versa Note Solar Investment Tax Credit, which allows businesses to redeem 30% of the cost of their solar sys
tems in the first year. And decreasing costs of solar-generated electricity factored into the decision, too—in fact, Butler estimates annual cost savings of around $30,000 at the dealership, and that the system will pay for itself by the end of 2019. Plus, power bills at the collision center are around $2,000 to $3,000 less per month than at the auto group’s similarly sized collision center. “It just made financial sense for the long haul,” he said.


What Comes Next

Because of the success we’ve experienced with solar power at Butler Nissan of Macon, our auto group now has plans to launch the technology at two more dealerships: Audi South Atlanta in Union City, GA at the end of 2017, and Butler Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Beaufort, SC in early 2018. After that, Butler Auto Group will begin introducing solar and LED lighting at additional dealerships. And we’re excited to continue to share our accomplishments and goals with you, our customers—keep in touch to learn more!